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Senior-dipity Senior Portrait Experience

What is the Senior-dipity Senior Portrait Experience?

Senior-dipity is a year long senior portrait experience for high school seniors. Beginning in the spring of their junior year, our Senior-dipity Models start enjoying portrait sessions that are available exclusively to them. These portrait sessions include modeling sessions as well as their Senior Portrait Session. There are a minimum of 5 different portrait sessions during their senior year, with other specialty sessions being offered.  These sessions enable us to completely capture the senior year for our seniors:  truly an experience most seniors do not get an opportunity to enjoy!  The Experience is also designed to be FUN for all our Senior Models so they will have additional memories of their senior year that will last them a lifetime. This Experience is only available to high school seniors but they must be recommended early on during the last semester of their junior year.

Who can Recommend a Current High School Junior?

Recommendations can be taken from parents, teachers, coaches, mentors or current Senior-dipity models.  To make a recommendation, email us at info@kieferphotography.com!

How do I Recommend a Current High School Junior?

If you know a high school junior that would love to be part of a year long Experience, send a recommendation to info@kieferphotography.com. Make sure to include their name, high school, an email address we can reach the student at and why you are recommending them.  An email address is critical, so make sure they will be checking their email on a consistent basis! 

When do you Start Accepting Recommendations?

We being accepting recommendations in December.  Watch our Social Media accounts, and this page, for our official announcement!

What is the Deadline?

We are only taking recommendations until February 2017, so make sure you get those recommendations in quickly!


If you have questions before you recommend a current high school junior, drop us an email at info@kieferphotography.com.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Senior Portrait Experience!



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