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Why should you have a Professional Portrait Session?

Professional Family Portraits are something you will always cherish.

Let’s be honest: you have a million reasons not to schedule a professional portrait session for your family.

There isn’t time.

Money is tight.

No one wants their picture taken.

It’s too much trouble.

It will take too much time out of the day.

It’s too hot.

It’s too cold.

I don’t know where to get them taken.

I don’t know any photographers.

And the list goes on and on.


But, why SHOULD you have a professional portrait session?  There are a million reasons to have a session, and most of them are extremely important.


Capture your special moments or Celebrate a milestone

Life milestones usually come along very infrequently, so why wouldn’t you want to capture those special moments?  From getting engaged, to having your first child, to watching your children graduate, life is full of milestones.  Those events will always be in your memories but what better way to share them with friends and family than through a professional portrait session?  A professional photographer can guide you through all aspects of the session so that you don’t have to worry about the details but you still get all the benefits of having those special times immortalized in photographs!

Sessions can be fun for everyone!

Portrait sessions aren’t the dull and stuffy sessions you remember from your childhood anymore … modern portrait sessions can be fun for your entire family!  Is your dog a big part of your family?  If so, bring him to your session so he is part of your photographs.  When your family gets together, do you joke and kid around with each other so that you are always laughing and giggling?  Your portrait session can capture all that fun!  Your portraits should represent you and your family, so bring that goofy hat with you that always makes your children break out into laughter; your portraits will show how much fun your family can be!

Be in front of the camera!

Parents are always taking pictures of their children but that means there aren’t any pictures of the entire family together.  Get in front of that camera!  Have the entire family together so you can cherish those special moments.  What better way to be able to relax and get in front of the camera than to have a professional portrait session so all you have to worry about is being with your family and having some fun?

Professional Portrait Session for the family

Life’s too short to not get them done – Live in the Moment

Life is constantly moving forward … sometimes faster than what we like.  Before you know it, your newborn is walking, then starting school, joining their first sports team, going to prom and then graduating!  Sometimes life just needs to slow down and that’s where portraits can come in.  Before you know it, your 2 week old is 18 and going off to college and you wish you had more family pictures.  Take the time, at this point in your life, and get everyone together for that family portrait.  And then make a reminder to yourself to get them done again in a couple of years, or even next year.  Children change so fast: don’t regret not having enough family portraits taken while they were still growing up.

Family Portraits are an Investment

Professional portraiture will always cost more than having an amateur do your session.  There is a reason for that, though:  when you invest with a professional photographer, you are receiving quality heirloom products that you will value for a lifetime. From the moment the portrait is taken, the value of that image continues to grow as your family grows and changes.  During your lifetime, you will never make a better investment than the portraits your family will keep and treasure for generations.  Family portraits are a highly treasured possession in many families.  Make the time to get your family portraits done and you will never look back and regret it.

Kiefer Photography can help you create those special memories that you will cherish throughout your life.  Ask about our sessions, as well as our payment plans.  Don’t let life pass by: schedule your portrait session today!

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