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Sharing Our Knowledge within the Community

Community: RTHS MultiMedia Class

We had the opportunity to share some of our knowledge with a class of young, upcoming photojournalists at Rantoul Township High School today.  We gave a presentation to the MultiMedia class and answered some great questions from the group.  And, since it was such a nice day out, we actually were able to go outside and do some photo exercises!

We had a great time and the class did, too.  Plus, they learned a few things 🙂

At the end of the class, everyone went outside and we posed for a group photo.  We enjoyed answering their questions plus, we were able to give these students some tips and pointers on how to make their images better.  Hopefully, we’ll see some of these students around town and they can tell us how their skills have improved!


Community Involvement

We believe every business has a responsibility to the communities in which they are a part.  With this belief, a large part of our business model is being an integral part of our community.  Teaching, guiding and using our photography skills to cover news events in the community are all part of how we stay involved within our town.  Being a part of this class, even if it was only today, helps us bring our community together a little more by offering these students mentors to turn to when they have questions or they want to enhance their skills.  Mentoring students is a great opportunity and we hope we see some of these students in our studio with enhanced skills and even more questions!



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