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Rachel — Senior Experience Model 2018

We are thrilled to be introducing our next Senior Experience Model today — Rachel Daugherty!

We met Rachel last year when she was part of a Best Friends Session with one of our 2017 Senior Experience models.    When she wanted to be part of this year’s Senior Experience, we were excited!  This young lady lifts weights, works out on a regular basis, just finished taking her SAT and ACT and is planning on graduating from high school a semester early.  And, on top of all that, she has an amazing smile!

Here are some fun facts about Rachel:

She attends Rantoul Township High School and her hometown is Rantoul

Her favorite candy? Gummy bears (or any sweets!) and her favorite dessert is anything chocolate 🙂

Favorite drink: Lemon water, root beer, Dr. Pepper

Her favorite website is Pinterest and her favorite app on her phone is 8 ball

She wants to be a Personal Athletic Trainer after graduating from college

What is her favorite place on Earth? Parks, outdoors in general or in the gym

Her hobbies include exercising, eating, sleeping, organizing, watching movies, driving, baking and cooking

Something she wishes she was better at?  Parking

Her favorite brand is PINK and her belts and uggs are her favorite things in her closet.

What is she excited for during her senior year? That she’s almost done with high school and that she gets to be part of the Senior Experience (Thanks, Rachel!)

The person(s) she wants to meet the most? The cast from Pretty Little Liars

Her friends would describe her as nice and sweet (and we agree!)


Rachel has so many unique interests and talents that we know we are going to have a good time photographing her during her Senior Experience!

Congratulations, Rachel, on becoming a RTHS senior!  Your senior year will hold so many memories for you and we are honored to help you capture all those special moments!




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