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Jonathan – Senior Experience 2020

Today we would like to begin introducing the seniors participating in our Senior Experience for 2020!  Here is our first senior we are introducing: Jonathan Gossett!

Here are some fun facts about this very busy and talented senior:

School Attends: Rantoul Township High School

Hometown: Rantoul

Nickname: Jon/J-Man

Favorite candy: Peanut M&M’s/Kit Kat

His favorite drink: Water

Favorite Social Media: Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook

Dream Job: Film Editor/Film Critic (WOW! 🙂 )

Biggest High School Accomplishment so far: Sectionals for Cross Country (both years), making NHS.

His favorite place on Earth is any place with his friends!

What is Jonathan’s favorite song? Happier by Marshmello (that is a great song!)

What is an unusual talent Jonathan has? Eating excessively

Person he most wants to meet: Emilia Clarke

Favorite things in his closet: Shirts relating to shows/movies he loves

The Last Good Book he read: The Hate U Give

Favorite fictional character: Daenerys Targaryen

The one thing he wishes he was better at: Public Speaking/Social Interacting

The brand that is his absolute favorite? Adidas/Nike

The top 3 things he can’t live without: Movies/TV shows, Food, Laptop

What is the one thing he always has with him? His Phone

Speaking of his phone, what is his favorite app on his phone? Soundcloud

Favorite dessert: Ice cream, any kind.

Goals after high school: To be in a work field that he loves and to meet all kinds of different people of different cultures/backgrounds.

A Random Fact about Jonathan: he had heart surgery during his freshman year!

His hobbies include Video Editing, watching movies/tv shows and spending time with friends

His friends would describe him as loyal, caring, loving, compassionate, hard-working.

What is he most excited about going into his senior year: Cross country*** Modern Media(photography, etc), less stressful classes

What are three things no one knows about Jonathan? He prefers Hulu over Netflix,  loves eating fruit snacks,  hates politics even though he likes to talk about it 🙂


We are thrilled to have Jonathan join us for his Senior Experience.  His senior year is going to be awesome (we just know it!).  Congratulations on becoming a Senior at RTHS, Jonathan!




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