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Garet – Senior Experience Model 2018

Today, we would like to introduce another one of our 2018 Senior Experience Models:  Garet Kinnett.  Garet is an unbelievable athlete, being part of track, baseball, wrestling, football and soccer.  We were at one of his track meets just a few days ago and it was amazing watching him dominate the hurdles! Here are a few more facts about Garet:

He attends Rantoul Township High School and his hometown is Rantoul.

Nickname: G-money

Favorite Candy: Mike n Ike

Favorite Drink: Muscle Milk

His favorite social media is Instagram and his favorite website is milesplit.com

Dream Job: Electrical Engineer

What is his biggest accomplishment so far in high school? Going to State his sophomore year

An unusual talent he possesses? He can do a backflip off of anything!

Favorite Place on Earth: Cumberland Lake, Kentucky

His favorite Song is Humpty Dance and his favorite brand is Addidas

One thing he wishes he was better at? Math

Favorite Dessert? Oreo Delight — Grandma’s Special!

3 things he can’t live without? His family, sports and school

What is he excited about going into his senior year? Anticipated college offers for track

How would his friends describe him? Energetic!


We are thrilled to have Garet part of the Senior Experience this year and we know he is thrilled, too!  Watching him compete in his various sports during his senior year is going to be exciting and we can’t wait to capture some of those fantastic moments.

Congratulations on becoming a RTHS senior, Garet!  We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to follow your accomplishments this upcoming year and we can’t wait to capture all those thrilling sports moments!




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