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Emily Thowe — Underclassman Model


Emily — Senior-dipity Model

Emily Thowe wraps up our Senior-dipity model introductions today.  Emily is an underclassman model with us this year and below are some facts about Emily that you may not know!

Emily attends school at PBL and her hometown is Paxton.

Nickname? Cookie

Her favorite candy: Nerds

Favorite drink: Mountain Dew.

What is Emily’s favorite social media outlet?  Snapchat! (and that’s also her favorite phone app)

Dream job?  Being a model

Favorite place on Earth?  Florida

What was the last good book she read?  Don’t Die, My Love

Favorite dessert:  Dirt Cake

Who would Emily love to meet?  Hunter Hayes

Emily plans on going into the army after she graduates from high school.Emily Undergraduate Model

Favorite things in her closet:  Her cowboy boots

Her favorite hobby?  Horseback riding

How would Emily’s friends describe her?  Energetic

What are 3 things Emily can’t live without?  Her dog, horses and food 🙂

What is the one thing Emily always has in her purse?  Her hairbrush

Favorite brand? American Eagle

We are so happy to have Emily as part of our Senior-dipity experience at Kiefer Photography and we are looking forward to more great images from her!

Keep watching our blog and Facebook page because we will be sharing more of Emily’s images as she continues to  participate in other photo shoots with us.













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